AlphaHe is a world first in tea; the only tea designed with a solely male audience in mind. The range consists of ten blends crafted by master blenders, relevant to today’s health-conscious man – from an anti-hangover tea to a sexual wellbeing tea.

I was brought onboard to craft a language and visual identity for the brand. AlphaHe talks to it’s audience in a direct tone of voice, without scientific jargon. It’s also a slightly cheeky tea, with blend names like ‘Savile Row’ for weight-control, and ‘Fort Knox’ for immune support.

I created a strong, masculine mark; reminiscent of the ‘Alpha’, but also designed to reflect the shape of a cup and saucer containing tea. I then commissioned illustrator Lauren Marriott to develop a set of illustrations with a cheeky take on the names of the blends.

Coming soon to your local organic store.

Art Direction
Graphic Design

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