Eleven Everything

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Eleven Everything

Eleven Everything began in 2010 under the original name of Catirfina; creating knitwear hand-made in Scotland and Yorkshire in old mills, using high-end yarns sourced from Italy in cashmeres, silks & pure merino wool. They count luxury boutiques such as LN-CC, Liberty, Net-a-porter and Opening Ceremony in their list of stockists.

When it came time to rename, Eleven Everything needed an identity that reflected their position in the high-end luxury knitwear market, while hinting at the traditional processes from which the knitwear is made. This makes their story is one of contrasts; conventional production processes versus boundary-pushing stockists, traditional fabrics juxtoposed against contemporary metallic finishes.

In light of this, I developed a highly-contrasted visual identity using dark and light. This concept was carried through the logo (a custom version of Neutraface), packaging treatment, swing tags and lookbooks, through to the art direction of the photography.

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